Queen Mary's Dollshouse
Queen Mary's Dollshouse

      These pages are dedicated to one of my hobbies, the amazing world of miniatures and dolls' houses.


      It all began on a trip to England. ..

During a visit to Windsor Castle, I discovered Queen Mary's Dollshouse and it affected me to such extent that when I returned home I decided to have my own house, something I had always wanted since childhood.


      It was 1995 and with the invaluable help of my husband (then boyfriend) and taking a report published in a magazine as a starting point, we started the construction ...

At that time and living in a small town we didn't have the opportunity to acquire specially designed equipment for this hobby, so all components of the house structure are those you would have to find in normal shops (wood, glass panes, wiring, the wall and flooring ..)


      After several years in which I dedicated myself to other activities, last year I rediscovered a passion for my old hobby and decided to redecorate the house. Thanks to the invaluable help of the Internet and at the expense of many nights at the computer I discovered that there are plenty of resources to develop this hobby, so I decided to share  all my findings on the network with other fans. All of these can be seen through the interesting links on these pages, grouped by categories.

I hope you find them helpful.

Susana (Spain)